Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some frequently asked questions we’ve heard, with our answers. If your question isn’t noted here, please feel free to contact us!

ActiTech Capabilities:

Q: Do you offer large and small fills?
A: We have the equipment, processes, and expertise to do both small and large fills.

Q: Can you compound OTC products?
A: Our facility is registered with the FDA as a Nonprescription Drug Manufacturer and we have systems in place that allow us to manufacture OTC products as requested.

Q: How do you have the ability to perform micro testing internally?
A: We do have the ability to perform micro testing on our products internally; however, it is more cost effective to contract out this particular service. ActiTech works closely with a reputable laboratory for micro services.

Q: What type of water do you use for processing materials?
A: We use water provided by the city of Sherman, TX where we are located. The city water is processed through our Reverse Osmosis Systems. This includes flowing the water softener, through the RO membranes; polish beds, UV light, and 0.2 micron filter. We test the RO water from points of use for microbiological activity daily.

Q: Do you offer bulk storage for raw materials?
A: Yes. We have several 3,000 and 5,000 gallon bulk storage tanks that can be used for raw material storage.

Q: Can you work with loose powders?
A: Yes. We have systems in place that can take loose powder and blend, color, fragrance, and fill/package into large or small containers.

Q: Can you produce food products?
A: Yes. With our history of bottling liquid energy supplements, ActiTech is required to register with the Texas Department of State Health Services and the FDA as a Food Manufacturer.

Q: How long are your lead times?
A: Every project and customer request is different and we strive to respond to meet those needs. Historically, once a PO is received, an average process takes approximately 4-6 weeks. It’s always best to define what your project time frame will be with your ActiTech representative.

Q: How many shifts do you work?
A: ActiTech currently operates 5 days a week, one daytime shift. However, as demand requires it, multiple shifts can be added, as well as additional personnel.

Q: How many employees work at ActiTech?
A: ActiTech employs 60 fulltime associates, all of whom are carefully trained in quality control and safety standards at every level.

Q: What are your tank sizes?
A: We have multiple tank sizes with multiple types of mixing/heating/cooling capabilities.

Q: What is your production capacity?
A: Capacity is driven by many factors, specific to each customer’s unique needs. For every project we carefully consider the type of product, as well as the associated packaging components. ActiTech has invested in ample floorspace, state-of-the-art equipment and fully trained staff to respond to nearly any capacity-driven assignment.

Q: What are your minimum order sizes?
A: Rather than cite numbers on what a minimum order might be, we prefer to discuss with each client their needs. ActiTech has the ability to craft orders of varying volumes for our clients, once the specific needs have been defined.

Q: What types of products do you fill or handle?
A: ActiTech currently formulates and fills a wide variety of diverse products, which include shampoo’s, conditioner’s, creams, toners, spritz’s, and powders. Via our ActiPure™ process we also decontaminate a growing list of organic raw materials, as well as aloe.

Q: Do you offer turn-key services?
A: We do. ActiTech offers a comprehensive array of turn-key, full-service manufacturing options. We can assist with every phase; from product development to packaging, compounding, through filling and distribution.

Q: Has ActiTech been audited?
A: Yes, the ActiTech facility has participated in numerous regulatory, third-party and customer audits since opening in 2005. Audits are part of the business and we look at each visit as a learning opportunity.

ActiTech History:

Q: Why should I consider partnering with ActiTech?
A: For several reasons:
The ActiTech management team combines over 30 years of experience in the cosmetic industry, providing everything from raw materials to finished goods. This expertise has been focused on the creation of a contract manufacturing facility capable of providing innovative and customized solutions for a wide range of products.

The ActiTech Quality Management System (QMS) goes above and beyond the typical production facility, using carefully documented step-by-step processes to ensure a reliable quality product is always delivered to the customer; while offering the very best in customer service.

Q: How long has ActiTech been in operation?
A: ActiTech began production in 2005. Our first project was a custom formulation of a shower gel, fill and pack.

Q: What certifications does your firm currently hold?
A: ActiTech is proud to be an ISO certified facility since 2007. ActiTech is currently certified to the 9001:2008 standard. ActiTech is also registered with the FDA for Food and Non-Prescription Drug manufacturing. ActiTech is certified to the USDA NOP for Certified Organic production from the Texas Department of Agriculture and Quality Assurance International.

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