R&D Custom Formulations

Custom Formulations R&D

Regardless of whether you’re pioneering a new product, or seeking way to improve existing products, ActiTech has the expertise to partner with you in researching, evaluating, and developing your concepts to final delivery.

In short, ActiTech will remove much of the angst associated with a new product roll-out, through thoroughness in our collaboration at the start of every development effort. We will assure you know the options that combine to point the best way to bring a product to market.

ActiTech has a rich heritage of proven experience that we can bring to bear on challenging R&D assignments. ActiTech’s expertise includes delivery of diverse answers to vexing issues in areas such as blending and filling of personal care products, light duty household products, toiletries and OTCs in the forms of liquids, lotions, gels, creams, suspensions and ointments.

Add to this our capabilities for filling products in all forms of containers with many types of closures including pumps, sprayers, or regular caps and lids. Our dedicated management team, alongside our experienced technical and manufacturing staff, is always developing new methods for processing and filling products, with the goal being to combine cost-effective delivery aligned with expediency in timeline.

Product development is a key area of our expertise at ActiTech. The seasoned R&D staff has over 30 years of experience in the development and testing of personal care and HBA products for major marketers in a wide array of consumer product focuses.

ActiTech’s solid alliances with outside laboratories, testing facilities and like-minded consulting firms means any specific product testing requirements that need more unique focus can be co-worked with our reliable partners. The end result is ActiTech acts as your one-stop management and advisory firm.

Add to this R&D focus ActiTech’s longstanding relationships with a vast network of quality suppliers. This not only helps us stay abreast of new technologies and innovations, but also assures materials and engineering needs are always readily available. We pass this tremendous value on to our customers, helping them save money and enhance their product lines.

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