Filling and Labeling

Filling and Labeling

As industry leaders in product innovation, development, and sustainable production methods, ActiTech engineers combine the expertise, experience, and technology you need to bring your unique product vision to life—and to market.

We team with you to carefully select the packaging components that will best define your brand and drive demand. ActiTech provides many budget-conscious, flexible packaging solutions that are compatible with the practical requirements of your product—while also adding value and strong consumer appeal.

No concept is too challenging. No design, too difficult. With our diverse portfolio of filling and packaging options, we can fill just about anything—from the tiniest plastic tester tubes to the most luxurious glass bottles. Multiple production lines for bottles, jars, and tubes (soft-sided, rigid, and metal) can operate around the clock when needed, using our high-speed, high-precision, high-volume equipment and our own proprietary earth-friendly technologies.

ActiTech is your flexible, full-service contracting solution. Rely on us to source your components quickly and economically around the corner—or around the world. We can fill, label and pack practically any container with any contents you can imagine.

Customized Fillers for Specific Uses and Designs:
State-of-the-art fillers can handle a full range of container sizes and materials—from eight ounces to three-gallons—running at a capacity of up to 40,000 bottles per day. ActiTech’s Clean-In-Place [CIP] machinery maximizes sanitization levels—rinsing out old product with hot water instantly to maximize purity and also conducting bacteria-free ATP testing throughout the entire production cycle.

Filler Technology Purpose | Need
Computerized 12-Head Positive Displacement Fill From liquids to very viscous products
Three 50-Head Gravity-Fill Lines 1-4 oz bottles
10-Head Piston Filler for Creams and Lotions Heavy-duty for semi-viscous and viscous liquids, such as shampoos, creams, lotions, styling gels, thick soaps, and facial masks.
Multiple Auto-Capping Systems 300-bottle-per-minute capping systems with built-in flexibility for finishing a broad range of bottle shapes and contours.

Packaging Menu: Inspiring Possibilities (partial list)

Containers Kit Assembly Other Components Labeling
jars gift baskets display boxes label
bottles promotions hanger tags screen printing*
tubes floor displays blister cards offset printing*
counter displays shrink bands
printed cellos

*These services available as part of a total packing solution through reliable ActiTech partner entities.

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