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ActiTech combines innovation in product-development, with a proven track-record in execution, regulatory and packaging excellence. The result is customized, cost-effective answers to product marketing challenges.

For over a decade the ActiTech team has partnered with global brand leaders to craft the purest, highest performance personal care, nutriceuticals, and food/beverage products possible—powered by renewable resources, earth-friendly practices, and the most innovative production technologies.

We are committed to exceeding your product-development expectations every step of the way—by building custom solutions that maximize efficiency, speed up time to market, minimize waste, and create exceptional value for you and your customers. Everything we make is the product of fruitful collaboration, ingenuity— and pure, organic science.

ActiTech is your sustainable manufacturing partner—providing cutting-edge, turnkey solutions for the development, production, and delivery of complex personal care, cosmetic, and nutrition products—from concept to customer. We are uniquely positioned to assist you in every facet of your product lifecycle, including R&D, testing, materials sourcing, and logistics.

Throughout the entire process, we are driven by the highest standards of excellence and quality—and our passion to enrich the lives of your customers while preserving the planet we all inhabit.

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