ActiPure Process Decontamination


ActiTech is the world’s exclusive provider of the industry’s only dry-steam decontamination solution for product formulation. The only true clean sterilization process that preserves organic purity, ActiPure Dry Steam Decontamination, is significantly more effective and attractive because it does not produce any of the undesirable residual components that negatively impact the product and the environment, such as Gamma Radiation, Ethylene Oxide, Ozone, and Ultra Violet Light.

Through ActiPure’s proprietary technology, the heat, dry steam, and vacuum action work together to reduce bioburden cleanly and organically. The multiple-cycle process pristinely eliminates thermo-resistant spores—consistently yielding a reduction in TPC, yeasts, and molds of 4-log or greater. Precise engineering of ActiTech’s patented ActiPure methodology ensures the preservation of product integrity and aesthetics, as well. Plus, rigorous monitoring and controls maintain consistent and homogenous treatment results.

Successfully treated products include:

  • Herbs
  • Botanicals
  • Spices
  • Free-flowing powders

Distinctive Benefits:

  • USDA Certified Organic Approved Process
  • Pure Process
  • No Residual Chemicals
  • No Harm to the Environment
  • Consistent and Homogenous Treatment Results
  • Maintains Product Integrity
  • Vacuum Decontamination Multiple Cycles Eliminate Thermo-Resistant Spores
  • Optimal Maintenance of Sensory Properties

ActiTech is the world’s exclusive and proprietary provider of ActiPure®, the industry’s premier and reliable dry-steam decontamination solution for product formulation.