Standing Formulations Library

ActiTech offers both formulation development as support in creating new and innovative products.

From concept to finished product, ActiTech’s formulation scientists help manufacturers, entrepreneurs, and established companies bring new products to market, or improve existing ones. Our scientific team has years of experience working with a diverse array of matrices. We will often collaborate with our clients’ external vendors (packagers, suppliers, manufacturers) during the course of product development effort, to assure delivery of a finished product that meets expectations.

The following is a brief exploration of key areas in which ActiTech can contribute expertise:

Concept Development

Beginning with a concept, the experts in ActiTech’s analytical services group can help convert ideas into products. We begin by asking each customer to identify the desired characteristics of the new product, discussing aesthetics, types of fragrance, marketing claims, packaging, and full production needs. We can also contribute useful preliminary research using our extensive library, along with detailed fact-checking via our relationships with chemical supplier formularies, colleagues and via the internet. Our formulation experts have vast experience in a wide variety of non-OTC (cosmetics), OTC, and personal care products including:

  • Liquids
  • Shampoos/Conditioners
  • Lotions/creams
  • Gels
  • Powders
  • And more…

Not surprisingly, packaging plays a key role in product development as well as an integral part in the formulation standards of each product. Packaging is greatly influenced by variables such as appearance, color, odor, pH, viscosity, solids, and specific gravity. ActiTech works with its clients to recommend packaging suppliers suitable for each project.

Formulation Development

Following the ingredients definition phase, ActiTech scientists create initial formulation and production procedures. Initially, small batches are formulated in our lab to determine the correct balance of ingredients for predictable results. Typically this is done at a gram scale, resulting in bench-scale batches. After making adjustments to match the customer’s concept, bench-scale formulas are finalized for translating to larger volume production.

It is also at this point any equipment issues for large-scale production are considered. Product specifications are derived, and the product is prepared for stability testing. If a preservative system is needed, it’s tested for efficacy and any active ingredients will be assayed. Additional safety testing is also conducted to assure understanding of how the product reacts with different skin conditions.


If a product is meant for the home, health and beauty market, a stability profile is needed to ensure the product remains safe and effective over a long period of time. A standard stability test is run over a 90-day period. During this time, the product undergoes various stability testing in its final packaging which includes:
• Freeze-thaw
• 4° C, 25º C, 37º C, 45° C, & 50° C ovens

Preservative Efficacy and Safety Testing

Preservative Efficacy Testing (PET) is a 4-6 week study used to challenge the preservative system used in the formulation of the product. During the study, bacterium is swabbed into Petri dishes containing a sample of the product, and cultured over a time period. If no growth appears over the duration of the study, the product is given approval to be released in the marketplace.


Production at the scale-up phase can results in further adjustments to the product formulation. The initial bench top formulation is tested against its original specifications. Once specifications are verified, the process is transferred to manufacturing/packaging group. Careful modifications are made throughout the process to insure the scaled-up version accurately represents the initial lab scale. Methods for quality control are developed and used at numerous interim steps to insure the product meets standards.


As a reliable consultant, ActiTech will provide assurance that products will be developed according to the highest standards; yours! We can help source raw materials, including chemicals, packaging and many other crucial elements via our vast array of reliable global resources.