Food and Nutriceuticals


Tapping into our extensive history in formulating and packaging personal care products, ActiTech can help you deliver private-label versions of energy shots or other specific formulas. We have a proven track record of innovation, experience and the resources necessary to ramp up quickly and package and deliver your specific products.

ActiTech is an FDA registered facility, so you know our standards are high as far as cleanliness and reliable product from batch to batch. These high standards are mirrored in our equally innovative equipment solutions we have custom designed and constructed. We have three fifty-head filling lines which include automatic bottle unscrambles, inline date coding, labeling, and capping, capable of operating at a rate of 140 units per minute from each filler. So quantity and throughput is never a challenge.

Additionally, we can provide additional packaging finish support via wrapping, labeling or shrink sleeve containment using a steam tunnel. We can package in bulk or assemble multi-packs consisting of two packs, four-packs, or other options aligned to fit your specific needs.

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